Helping Thoroughbred Racehorses into second careers.


 Beyond The Roses Equine is an all volunteer group whose mission is to provide racing thoroughbreds, and other breeds of horses, an alternative to being sent to slaughter for human consumption or ending their careers being abandoned or neglected and to educate people in their care and welfare. Beyond The Roses Equine offers horses of all age’s rehabilitation, retraining and placement into approved homes that will offer them second careers.


When most people think about Thoroughbreds, they think of race horses running down a track, but how many think of what happens when they can no longer race? Some are lucky and move to the breeding shed, but not all race horses are so lucky. Some are sent to auctions where they are picked up to be sent to slaughter. However, thoroughbreds can and have become more, off the track than on the track. They can be retrained as eventers, jumpers, hunters, dressage horses, trail horses, or simply grateful companions. You name it, these OTTBs can do it! There is Life after the track. Own an OTTB!


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Beyond The Roses Equine  is an all volunteer 501c3 organization. 
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