Beyond The Roses Equine Rescue and Retirement (BTRE) is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that rehabilitates, retrains, and adopt Thoroughbreds into approved homes. BTRE works with local veterinarians to evaluate horses that come into our program and rehabilitates them for second careers. Since opening our doors, BTRE has placed over 200 Thoroughbreds into loving homes.

Founded in 2012, Beyond The Roses Equine is a concerned group of citizens who had previously banded together in order to retire-rescue deserving racehorses who had outlived their usefulness to their respective connections. In many cases, these horses had been career claimers – hard knockers running for a tag no one could afford at lower level tracks, or once celebrated horses with back class no longer able to perform at the graded stakes level, yet still viable for the bottom rung of competition. Horses with pedigrees containing the names Distorted Humor, Black Tie Affair, Northern Dancer, Dixieland Band, Kitten’s Joy and more. These horses had given their all, through dozens of starts and thousands of dollars, but still at the end of the day, they were asked for more. And so, the group of concerned citizens that would become Beyond the Roses, begin campaigning for the retirement of these hard knocking warriors with one mission statement in mind….to retire these old warriors off the track in time for them to still have the physical wherewithal to enjoy being “just a horse.” Beyond the Roses Equine specializes in finding safe haven for aging campaigners whose time has come. The heart of a Thoroughbred and the innate drive to win will sadly outlast the legs that carry them. Beyond The Roses Equine looks to work with trainers and owners in a professional and fair manner, while encouraging them to stop on the former stakes winner finishing last – or the claiming plugging away to fill race cards. Beyond The Roses seeks an alternative end for these hard working horses while they are still able to have a second career. It is also the hope of BTRE that owners and trainers will be empowered by the positive response and appreciation and will therefore be more inclined to seek to transition their horses into a new chapter at the end of their races careers with a positive outcome. There are miles to go before we achieve this heady goal – but we have to work toward change, one horse, one owner at a time, one trainer at a time, one retirement or rescue at a time. BTRE is on constant watch for several horses that qualify for concern. Not every seasoned competitor can be John Henry or Seabiscuit – and not even if they could run forever. So what sets us apart is the ability to know when to stop on these horses and put their needs first. Please join us in the fight to help these wonderful horses see a life past the racetrack…a life with a family to call their own, a green pasture to graze in and time to be just…part of the herd.

Board Members of BTRE

Judith Smith,    President/Co-Founder

Judith Smith, President/Co-Founder

Gail Hirt,    Executive Director/Founder

Gail Hirt, Executive Director/Founder

Sharman Privett,    Vice President/Co-Founder

Sharman Privett, Vice President/Co-Founder

Erin Schafer,    Board Member

Erin Schafer, Board Member

Jennifer Hubbell,    Board Member

Jennifer Hubbell, Board Member