Beyond The Roses Equine Rescue On-Line Application

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If you are applying to adopt an ex-racehorse, do you understand that this is a racehorse off the track, has likely had only racing training, and that the horse will need an experienced rider and someone capable of retraining him/her as a riding horse *
I understand the financial obligations to maintain a healthy horse and I am capable of doing so without sharing those financial obligations with another party through lease or otherwise being dependent on them. *
Do you have hands on experience in caring for a broodmare and foaling?
Where will the horse be stabled *
Contact Phone Number *
Contact Phone Number
What is the size of the turnout area? (Select one) *
Is there a run-shelter *
Is the turn-out dirt or grass? *
Will the horse be pasture/field boarded or will it be on full board and have a stall? *
When first introduced to other horses, the new horse must NOT be suddenly turned out with them. Is there a separate over fence paddock or pasture that can be used until the horse is acquainted with others? *
Rate your riding experience. *
Rate your horse care experience. *
I have experience working with horses recently off the track. *
I will seek the guidance of an experienced trainer. *
Do you intend to transfer the ownership of this horse after retraining? *
Do you understand and agree to the conditions that will be in the Lifetime Conditional Bill of Sale? *
Have you ever sold a horse to a horse dealer that buys and sells at auctions or have you ever sold a horse through an auction? *
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